Welcome To The Farm

About the Farmer:

For as long as I can remember nature and wildlife have been my life.

From a young age, I knew I would be working in some field related to nature and Wildlife and in particular conservation of rare and endangered species both plant and animal alike. Originally I thought I would become a wildlife conservationist but I also had a deep connection to the farm and never liked the idea of leaving it behind.

Whilst studying wildlife Biology in College it became apparent that agriculture and food are big contributors towards climate change and civil unrest around the world. Having been born on a Farm and worked on one all my life, I knew that I could farm and make a difference. I am passionate about the land, the animals, the plants, and all life the eye can see. But a particular passion of mine is the life that exists where the eye can not see, the soil, its nutrients (or lack thereof), water, and how these form the foundations for all life both animal and human.

I am working hard to keep a strong bond between all the links in the web of life. Holistic agriculture or simply good agriculture feeds not just the people but the soil, the wildlife and plants whilst keeping our air and water clean. Good agriculture supports all life and should not be thought of as a ground for the monocrop or one animal and this comes down to everyone. The consumer drives the demand, the farmer responds to the demand, the soil works the hardest to please everyone. As the farmer it is my commitment to allow the relationships between all the elements of life to interplay as they are supposed to in harmony with nature.

Let's thrive together by supporting all life, all systems and think beyond ourselves.

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