About Thrive Cafe

At Thrive we care about what we put into our food, because we care about what you put into your body. That is why we have strived to create a selection of "enjoyables" that suit all your dietary needs! Our snacks are free from refined sugars and use the minimum amount of natural sugars e.g. dates, honey, maple, sweet potato etc. We use whole foods and only natural ingredients to create a snack that is enjoyable both for your body and your sweet tooth. Whether vegan, diabetic, gluten intolerant, coeliac, lactose intolerant, egg-free or want to grab a snack pre/post workout we have something for you! pop into our Cafe to see our newest creations!

Dessert Selection, Cashew "snow" balls, Pecan Square, Protein Balls, selection, Healthy Oat and seed bar, Bliss bar, protein balls, Banana Bread, Guilt Free Brownie, Pecan Square, No guilt Brownie, Snickers Slice, Coconut Bliss Bar

We like to use fresh, local and organic foods where possible, so we keep our menu small and change it weekly. We are passionate about bringing you a menu that is balanced in taste and in nutrition so you not only enjoy our food but feel fueled after (no bloat here!)

At Thrive we wanted to fill the nutrition gap that exists in our modern lifestyles. Most of us do not have the luxury of working from home or have the facilities to cook all our meals, and yet we are busier than ever, aiming to grasp the most out of our days and yet failing to achieve our potential due to lack of energy, sugar crashes, sluggish systems, over-burdened liver's and tired bodies. Our menu is designed to bring out the best of your body, support it through easily digested meals and snacks, food that is free from preservatives, artificial ingredients, refined sugars. We focus on balancing your meals with the right proportion of macro nutrients, portion sizes that don't put you to sleep and fresh and local ingredients with maximum nutrients. It's simple we want you to THRIVE! We opened the doors to our cafe on February 1st 2018, Since then our focus is selling healthy food & drinks to our customers to support people’s well being and provide energy to fuel their day.

We know the book does not stop with one healthy meal, and that is why we have created a space that offers you the potential to learn more and truly "feed your lifestyle" join our THRIVE TRIBE by taking one of our interactive cooking demo's yoga/pilates classes or if your work, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and if you still crave more contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (with your email address) to find out more about our products and services.