Food For Thought!

Thrive Cafe

Wellness is a broad term, meaning different things to different people. On my continuing quest for a sense of alignment with my health I have come across numerous ways of how we look at health.

How these views can affect our food choices, how we speak to ourselves and how we can align ourselves with nature.

Food; weighing up the pros and cons:

Well, it doesn’t help that stressed is desserts spelled backwards, immediately putting the thoughts of sugar laden foods slap, bang and centre stage into our brains. Have you ever wondered why your goals for a stronger or leaner body continuously fall to the wayside or why you regularly feel guilty about your food choices? It could be that stress is affecting you in more ways than one. Now more than ever stress levels for everyone are at all-time high, at while this particular stressor COVID can impact us in ways that seem out of our control, we are not hopeless, and how we deal with stress will impact our long-term health.