Food For Thought!

Wellness is a broad term, meaning different things to different people. On my continuing quest for a sense of alignment with my health I have come across numerous ways of how we look at health.

How these views can affect our food choices, how we speak to ourselves and how we can align ourselves with nature.

Food; weighing up the pros and cons:

Our ego, the part of us who views ourselves in terms of how much we weigh and our appearance on a physical level is often obsessed with “health” terms like calories, lbs, foods that are fat free or reduced calories which will in turn force us to look at food in terms of good or bad, and not so much in terms of nourishment.

We all have been there at different stages in our lives wanting to look good for an occasion, however If we live in this layer of “health” or “wellness” we are denying ourselves and our bodies the deeper nourishment food has to offer. And just like when we view food as either “good” or “bad” we too can live believing we are either “good” or “bad” depending on the choices we make.

Food as fuel:

On a cellular level food has the ability to influence how our cells talk to each other, this ability is the destiny or our wellbeing. If we choose foods that provide the nutrients our cells require, we are choosing the health of those cells by encouraging the various pathways our body relies on daily to ensure we digest, detox, assimilate, eliminate and balance the functions within ourselves. Aligning with our cellular health would take us to a deeper level away from calories and more towards nutrients, viewing food as nature intended and not as how it is marketed! When our bodies are truly fuelled, we can experience a sense of inner peace, a calmness that comes when the body is not searching or sending out signals due to lack of something.

Food for the soul:

Emotionally food has some of its most powerful effects on us and vice versa when we are expressing our emotions, food can be at the root of this. We cannot live a life where food is purely fuel. Just as food is part of our every cell so to are our emotions. We experience happiness, sadness, grief, anger etc right to our very core, and in that same place where we require food to perform functions we yearn for food to balance our emotions. Food can make us happy, just as it can cause us to feel guilt or anger. The quest is not to separate food from emotion rather the question is do you let food influence you positively or negatively? There is much more to this layer than one paragraph, but if you are seeking alignment then you must get to know yourself emotionally. To run from your emotions means you are running towards other things to help you forget, avoid or change the emotional experience. To sit with your emotions and experience them requires a deeper level of being, a journey through the crutches of food that can if you allow it reset your relationship with food.

The spirit of food.

We are destined to Thrive, when we appreciate mother earth, our earth, our bodies, our cells we long for food that is in alignment with this quest. We appreciate the earth the seed is placed in knowing the seed becomes the food that not only fuels our bodies but the parts unused become the nourishment for the next seed. We appreciate the life that walks the planet, no matter what diet we follow we take only what we need. We cease to waste food; we no longer turn our noses up at crooked carrots or long for everything convenient. We stay connected to the earth, the seasons, the changing vegetables and the influence these have within us. We get our hands dirty, we plant, grow, harvest, eat. We share, we connect, support, cook for each other. We laugh because we realise it’s a secret we once knew but long forgotten. We Thrive because we are surviving by ourselves, living with nature instead of abusing it.

We all begin life as a seed, we all need the sun, the earth, the moon, the sea. This is not about being right or wrong, good or bad, it is about reconnecting to what we once knew. The purpose of life within food, the purpose that food gives us, the alignment between it all.